Working with great churches and parishes  to help them grow their stewardship culture

Working with great churches and parishes to help them grow their stewardship culture

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Studies are conducted when a church or parish wants to assess their readiness for a proposed campaign.  A Study is typically done when the financial “need” for which funds are to be raised is greater than three-times the annual ministry budget and is an “all or nothing” project.

A Feasibility Study is very similar to a market research project.  A series of questions are asked of your parishioners in three different and unique ways.  The first way is through a series of in-depth personal interviews.  The second way is through a number of focus groups with each group having between 10 to 15 participants.  The final (or third) way is an online questionnaire that everyone else in the church or parish is invited to complete.  Responses from all three formats are tabulated and analyzed resulting in a “picture” of the participant’s attitudes and opinions about the proposed campaign to address the extraordinary financial need.

A Feasibility Study is both art and science.  The person conducting your Study must be very careful not to prejudice people toward one outcome versus another and must also be careful that participants do not “lock-in” on a possible gift amount without the benefit of a campaign to raise their “sights”.

A Feasibility Study takes up to a month to prepare for and a week or more to conduct depending upon how many personal interviews are to be conducted and how many focus groups will be held.  Once the onsite work has been completed and all questionnaires have been received another two to three weeks is needed to analyze the results and prepare the final report.  The cost of a proposed Study is commensurate with the scope of the Study (number of interviews, focus groups and questionnaires.)

SCS will not recommend doing a feasibility study simply to “run the meter up” or “get our foot in the door”.  If the need for a study is apparent we can and will conduct your study and stand-by the recommendations that come from it.  But we will not suggest or recommend a study if you truly do not need one.  Conducting a Feasibility Study will not enable you to raise more money than if you did not do one.  A study will only tell you whether or not your constituency embraces and understands the need to be addressed with funds to be raised in a proposed campaign and it will give you an accurate projection of how much could be raised through a campaign.

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