Working with great churches and parishes  to help them grow their stewardship culture

Working with great churches and parishes to help them grow their stewardship culture

Stewardship Enhancement


The Stewardship Enhancement Initiative is a year-long program that will “touch” every member of your church or parish and challenge them to grow in their understanding and practice of stewardship.  It is not solely focused-on increasing people’s financial giving – it is focused on their engagement with their faith and their Church.

Stewardship is based on three Biblical principles: The principle of proportionality, the principle of prioritization and the principle of decisions being made in prayer.  The basis of the Stewardship Enhancement Initiative is getting people to recognize that all that they possess and have are gifts from God and that as Christians we are to live our lives as stewards of those gifts.  Once someone recognizes how God has blessed them their next step is the practice of stewardship!

The Initiative is organized around eight “teams”.  Each team has a specific function aimed at increasing your parishioners’ awareness and understanding of how they live their faith.  Your people will be challenged to look at how they use their time, their talents and their financial resources (treasure) to further God’s work through His Church.  Stewardship Consulting Services (SCS) will guide you every step of the way – from the initial planning for your stewardship enhancement initiative, the enlistment and training of the eight teams, to the execution of each team’s plans and contributions.

Many parishes will consider the need to enhance stewardship on the basis of their financial need.  But you cannot increase people’s giving without increasing their engagement in the life of the church or parish.  Money follows time, not the opposite!  As a result of conducting a Stewardship Enhancement Initiative your parish or church will see significantly increased participation in your ministries, increased attendance and participation in weekly worship and increased financial resources.

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