Working with great churches and parishes  to help them grow their stewardship culture

Working with great churches and parishes to help them grow their stewardship culture

Capital Stewardship Campaign


The Capital Stewardship Campaign is conducted when a parish or church has a financial need that cannot be addressed by the resources of its annual ministry budget.  The need may be to raise funds to build or remodel facilities or it could be the need to pay down or pay-off a debt that exists.  The Capital Stewardship Campaign is not only a means by which to address the church’s or parish’s extraordinary financial need it is also a time to “grow” the understanding and practice of stewardship.

There are two critical “keys” to a successful Capital Stewardship Campaign.  One is the participation (of your parishioners) in the campaign.  The second is spiritual interpretation – understanding the financial need being addressed in terms of its impact on ministry and mission.

While most parishes or churches will contemplate the need to do a Capital Stewardship Campaign on the basis of their financial need they should see the opportunity it presents as a way to grow their stewardship culture.  In the Church, it is not only what we do that is important, it is equally important how we do it!

A Capital Stewardship Campaign typically takes three months to conduct with a month or two of preparation leading-up to its launch.  The size of a Campaign organization is dependant upon the size of your parish or church.  Stewardship Consulting Services (SCS) will guide you every step of the way, from the point of deciding to move-ahead with a campaign to the very end of commitment fulfillment (typically three years.)

Your SCS Consultant will plan, guide, educate, motivate, inspire and lead your Campaign.  He will bring a wealth of experience, creativity, perspective, passion, dedication and perspiration to bear!

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