Working with great churches and parishes  to help them grow their stewardship culture

Working with great churches and parishes to help them grow their stewardship culture

Other Services


Periodic Counsel

There are times when the needs of a church or parish do not neatly “fit” under any of the traditional “umbrellas” of stewardship development.  Assessing your needs and coming-up with a plan of action is the best way to address your unique needs.  In all likelihood the plan collaboratively developed will involve periodic counsel which is much like a coach developing a team. The scope of the services to be rendered and the duration of the consulting relationship is collaboratively determined and agreed upon at the outset.


Communications Assessment

How you communicate is critical to the fulfilling your mission and carrying-out your ministries.  If you compared the communications of many churches and parishes to an eight cylinder engine, most are only “hitting-on” five or six cylinders not taking full advantage of the potential power of all of the “tools” at their disposal.  A communications assessment involves an extensive review your existing communications, an assessment of your demographics and the development of a 12-month plan for enhanced and improved communications.


Second Campaigns

Regardless of what many consulting firms will tell you a second (back-to-back) capital campaign is not like the first.  A second campaign (to either finish raising the funds needed for a capital need or continue raising funds to address that need) must have a different approach and take into account “where” you are that the time of preparation for a second campaign and how your first campaign was conducted.


Stewardship Leadership Development

Every leader in your church or parish should have a stewardship focus and a stewardship approach to carrying-out their ministry.  If you are relegating the work of stewardship to just one committee or council and segregating their work you are making a mistake!  Far too many churches and parishes see stewardship as a once-a-year event when it is time to anticipate underwriting the next year’s annual ministry budget.  Stewardship education is something that is carried-out 52 weeks of the year.  SCS will develop a plan for you that is designed to address “where” your leaders are at the present time and train them for “where” they need to be – teachers and developers of stewardship year-round.

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